For Individuals

We enable you to securely acquire your scattered health data, store it on your smartphone or tablet, share it when and where you want.

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Nobody, including E-Nome, can ever access your personally identified health data.

There’s also no ability for a third party to gain access to your information without your consent – not even government authorities.

It is incredibly important to remind you that we stand for complete privacy and security of your information.

  • NSA level end-to-end encryption
  • Blockchain verified data integrity
  • Decentralised storage

All of your records in one secure location.

Ensuring only you have the keys to unlock your data, and therefore the choice of who you want to share it with.

Connect and securely store all your health related data in one location. (wearable, medical records and IoT devices).

Organised with a seamless interface that easily collects your information in only just a few steps.

Now you control and direct the value of your information.

You can unlock hidden value and help to advance medical research by seamlessly consenting to sharing your data with researchers.

With the data in your hands, you can choose who to share it with and how value is created.

Start making better health decisions today

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